Community and Support

Creating community is essential to receiving the support and hope people facing cancer need to navigate their journey and thrive in mind, body, spirit, and life.

You have cancer...

What now? WNC has many choices to receive clinical cancer care. But, where do you go for support? Where do you go to regain physical and emotional well-being, learn to eat well and exercise, connect with others who understand? Where do you go to get help living with cancer or lymphedema? Is there one place you can go?

One Caring Place

Imagine having that ONE caring place to go where those touched by cancer are connected with services, programs, resources, and each other so that no one journeys cancer alone. A welcoming, uplifting space providing a compassionate support team and a selection of services and programs, free of charge.

Support and Community

Anyone affected by any type of cancer can have access to ongoing emotional support, cancer-related and wellness education, short-term counseling, healthy lifestyle classes, social connection, lymphedema support, resources, and a caring community giving strength, encouragement, and hope to one another.

Cancer Concierge

Hotels refer to “concierge” as a specialty service to ensure guests have a personalized and pleasant experience. This concept inspired our specialty program of professional guidance and a choice of services and programs to personalize a cancer support plan to meet evolving needs and create a positive experience.

Cancer Support System

  • The seven pillars of the Journey to be FREE cancer support system for any type of cancer at any stage in the cancer journey.  This system integrates evidence-based strategies to Feel inspired, Release stress, Eat healthy, Exercise, and thrive in […]

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